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Freeze Drying Process Design When Using non-Vial Container Systems

The type and geometry of the container system used during freeze drying has a significant impact on heat transfer from the shelf to the product since the system acts as a heat transfer barrier. Vials are still the "gold standard" for freeze dried products. However, a significant amount of products is already dried from non-vial container systems. Here, the challenge is to take the small amounts of product, the different type of the container material (plastic) and the container geometry into consideration. Traditional heat and mass transfer theory may therefore not be applicable.  


Our actual work includes:

  • freeze drying of small amounts of product (30 µL - 0.5 mL) from vial / non-vial container systems
    • PCR plates
    • 2 mL vials
  • heat and mass transfer in PCR plates (Kv determination)
  • cycle design when freeze drying from non-vial container systems


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