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You just started with your new job in the field of freeze-drying and you are trying to get a good introduction into the theory? Or you need to solve a particular problem in your formulation work or process design and you need a quick overview of published information related to your problem?

We all know from our own experience how time consuming it is to search databases, the internet, publications, etc. to gather all necessary information together. During the last years of our work in the field of freeze-drying we developed a database of more than 300 articles published in well-known journals which covers the years 1964-2009. These articles were selected and put together in a way to cover most of the aspects of the freeze-drying research. This database is useful to get an quick overview about the work done in a given field of interest, including authors, title of publication, year of publication and the journal in which the article was published.

We are happy to provide you on www.freeze-drying.eu with the latest revision of our article list for private use (we are not allowed to include the original papers!). Have fun with the literature research. Comments are welcome!

Note: depending on your internet connection it may take a few moments to load the database

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