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December 2015

New group members!

This month, two new members of the FDFG will start in our department. Tim Wenzel starts his PhD in our group. His research interest will be formulation based, in particular focussing on placebo formulations. Christian Etschmann will perform a 6 month internship in the FDFG. His work will be related to investigating partially crystalline formulation systems for freeze drying, with special attention on DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) to assess the level of crystallinity in such systems. We wish them a good start in December and luck for their scientific endeavours!


New webinar in 2016!

Claudia Kunz will be presenting on “Dynamic Vapor Sorption: Quantifying the Amorphous Phase in a Partially Crystalline Freeze Dried Product” in the course of the SP Scientific Lyo Learn Webinars 2016. The webinar is scheduled for February 17th. Learn more about this event on the following website (external link): http://www.spscientific.com/Webinars/.

Stay tuned for 2016 – we have certainly more news coming up soon!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you.

November 2015

The most important update for November: the first official announcement for our ERLANGEN Seminar 2016!

In 2016, the Erlangen Seminar will be held on Wednesday, March 9th as a one-day freeze drying seminar (full day). Most importantly for 2016, we will do something new: the seminar will be given in ENGLISH, not German. Our intention for 2016 is to make our seminar format also available for the non-German speaking countries within Europe since we experienced a growing request for it. So, let’s give it a try and see how it works!

The format / structure of our academic seminar remained the same. In the morning, basic principles of freeze drying will be presented for those of you new to the subject. The two lectures pave the way for the afternoon session where we have prepared more specific topics. Here, we will start with two comprehensive talks on “Freeze Dry Microscopy” and “Quality of a Freeze Dried Product”. Then, we will have a short break in the theoretical lectures, and time to visit the laboratory and equipment. The equipment which is actually highlighted throughout the talks can now be seen in “reality” and “action”. During this time, we have also sufficient time for questions and discussions. After the laboratory break, we will move back to theory: two talks on “Design of a Freeze Drying Cycle” and “Freeze Drying From Organic Co-Solvents” will conclude the 2016 ERLANGEN Seminar.

For more information about the ERLANGEN-SEMINAR 2016, the agenda and the registration form, please visit our “Erlangen Seminar” page. 

November 2014

The most important update for November: our first official announcement for the ERLANGEN-Seminar 2015!

In 2015, the Erlangen Seminar will be held on Thursday, March 12 (one full day) and Friday, March 13 (half day). In the morning of day 1, basic principles of freeze drying will be presented for those of you new to the subject. The two lectures pave the way for the afternoon session where we have prepared more specific topics. We will start with a talk on Differential Scannig Calorimetry and Freeze Dry Microscopy to examine the physicochemical properties of a formulation in the frozen state and to determine the “critical formulation temperature”. Subsequently, we will address the question how to determine (in a representative way) the degree of crystallinity in a (partially) crystalline cake structure. An important topic is also included – how to design your freeze drying cycle when you start your laboratory developments? Also, in introduction to the freeze drying from organic co-solvent systems will be covered. Right after the theoretical section, participants will join us in our laboratory where we prepare a demo freeze drying cycle. Conclusion of the day will be a joint beer or wine when we all meet in the Arvena hotel for a dinner. On the following day, we will be starting early to continue with talks given by external speakers from industry. Around noontime, we will have a final look on our freeze drying cycle (unloading of the product) prior to the final wrap-up of the seminar…

For more information about the ERLANGEN-SEMINAR 2015, the agenda and the registration form, please visit our “Erlangen Seminar” page.  

September 2014

Insights in Lyophilization: 2014 Science Tour. The FDFG, SP Scientific and GILYOS will be presenting a new “road show” in the US coming up in October 2014. The one day seminars are structured as follows: in the morning, basic principles of freeze drying are presented for those new to the subject. In the afternoon session, more specific topics are featured, for example thermal analysis, MTM and SMART Freeze Dryer technology, controlled nucleation, and others. The seminars will be accompanied by an exhibition. Venues this October will be Princeton (Oct. 27), Boston (Oct. 28) and San Francisco (Oct. 30) – all wonderful places and an excellent seminar program! For more information, visit the SP Scientific website!

Not enough with educational courses: a new date for our Freeze Dry Microscopy training course this November! Learn more on Freeze Dry Microscopy (FDM) from world leading experts, enjoy hands-on training and a guaranteed vital discussion on new developments in this field of interest! Learn more on our “Training Courses” page. Note: Thanks to our sponsors, we could reduce this time the registration partici fee to 390€, a bargain!

Peter Stärtzel (GILYOS) will be presenting during the PDA Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology conference to be held September 16-17 in Brussels. The title of his presentation is “Freeze-Drying of L-Arginine-Based Protein Formulations”, a joint research program between ROCHE and GILYOS.

Stay tuned, more information in coming up soon!

December 2013

Due to the great feedback we received for the Erlangen Seminar 2013 and the increasing request for an additional course, the group decided to organize the “ERLANGEN Seminar 2014” already this year in December. We are now happy and quite proud to make the first official announcement on our website for the “ERLANGEN Seminar 2014”. The seminar will be conducted on March 25, therefore much earlier than last year (to avoid overlaps with other events). Please visit our “ERLANGEN Seminar” section for more details. The program brochure and the registration form can be downloaded here. We would be happy to welcome you in March in Erlangen!

2014 – Webinar year! The group will be starting off in 2014 with two webinars, both performed in the context of the SP Scientific LyoLearn Webinars 2014. Henning Gieseler will be starting with a talk in February; the talk is entitled “Principles of Formulation Design for Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying – The Art of Cooking”. Please find more information, such as speaker bio and abstract on the SP Scientific LyoLearn website. Another webinar will follow in March, given by Peter Stärtzel (GILYOS). This webinar will be dealing with formulation as well, but in much more detail. More details will be provided soon, so stay tuned!    

Now, close to the end of the year 2013, we would like to thank all of our friends, colleagues, industrial and academic partners and the freeze dying world out there for the great support in 2013. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2013

We would like to welcome our new group member, Claudia Kunz! Claudia studied pharmacy in Wuerzburg (Germany) and took a position in retail pharmacy afterwards. After two years of practical experience on the job, she decided to take a PhD position in our group. Claudia will be focussing on scale-up and technical transfer in freeze drying, a field of interest where we still face a lot of obstacles and trial and error approaches. For more information and contact details about Claudia, please visit the “Staff” section on our website. For now, good luck to you and a successful start!

In November, Henning Gieseler and two former group members (Stefan Schneid and Jakob Beirowski) will be presenting during the FBK 2013 “Lyophilisation” organized by the Swiss Society of Industrial Pharmacists (SSIP). The seminar will be held in Basle (Novartis campus) on November 21. The program is a vital mixture of freeze drying basics and some new innovations in this field of interest, presented by industrial speakers. Feel free to visit www.gsia.ch for more information and registration. The registration fee is pretty attractive! 

This month, the Freeze Drying Focus Group announces for the first time a one-day “training course” given in English language in March 2014. Our first course deals with Freeze Dry Microcopy (FDM), an analytical technique of integral importance for freeze drying cycle design and optimization. The one day training course is divided into a morning and afternoon session. In the morning, theoretical aspects about FDM are discussed, based on our own research and long-term experience in this field of interest. In the afternoon, participants will be trained “hands-on” with the equipment to gain practical experience. This course is very valuable for those new to this technique, or people who just received their FDM equipment. Further, a good starting point for development laboratories which do not use this equipment frequently. Lastly, an excellent opportunity to share ideas and get an update on latest trends in this area! For the course, LINKAM Scientific Instruments, GILYOS and the Freeze Drying Focus Group will join forces to provide a maximum of information to our attendees. To learn more about the course, please follow the “Training Courses” tab on the left side of freeze-drying.eu.   

A new webinar in the course of the SP Scientific LyoLearn Webinars series will be presented this month by Zixin Huang on the “basic principles of freeze drying”. Note that the webinar is given in Chinese language and therefore reflects a continuation of our extremely successful roadshow seminar series performed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing in August this year. Details will be provided soon, so stay tuned!

January 2013

It has been a while since we updated this section. In 2012, there was little activity within the group which was worthwhile to share with you. However, we now start in the New Year and have a couple of things which might be of interest to you:

New group members in 2012 / 2013! We are happy to welcome two new group members in Erlangen: Zixin (Xaver) Huang and Fabian Simons.

Xaver is working in the field of Freeze Dry Microscopy (FDM), specifically the question why collapse temperature data obtained during an FDM measurement are sometimes not perfectly reflective for product behaviour processed during a freeze drying cycle. The goal is to develop a further refined methodology for FDM measurements which ultimately result in FDM data which may better depict the true “robustness” of the product to temperature during the process. This work is supported by LINKAM Scientific Instruments, the world leading manufacturer of heating and freezing microscope stages. Fabian will be starting next month in our group. His research will be focussing on partially crystalline formulation systems used in freeze drying.

Mark your calendars for two great events! The team of the Freeze Drying Focus Group and GILYOS will be conducting a new freeze drying seminar this year, the well-known “Freeze Drying in Practice ヨ ERLANGEN Seminar 2013” (German language). In addition, we will be actively involved in the LYO SUMMIT 2013 (English language) organized by iQ-mobil solutions GmbH, another valuable meeting for those interested in freeze drying process science. 

The ERLANGEN-Seminar is held in September 11, 2013 and has become a slightly new face and structure this year. The one day seminar combines two morning lectures on freeze drying basics, followed by more in-depth topics and a practice session during the afternoon. At the end of the seminar, we offer again – on a voluntary basis – a free multiple choice exam covering the content of the day. Certification included! Hurry up and register, the total number of available spots is (as usual) limited! The ERLANGEN seminar is a great opportunity to get refresh some “basics” to be ready for the LYO SUMMIT the week after (September 18 – 20, 2013).

A new University lecture on freeze drying is coming up in 2013! Henning Gieseler will be starting this summer semester with a new lecture on freeze drying science to be held for the pharmacy and molecular science students in Erlangen. The title of the lecture is “Lyoscopedia - Gefriertrocknung Pharmazeutischer Produkte”. The lecture is given every second week during the summer / winter semester in Erlangen. You may check the website of the UnivIS (University of Erlangen) for more details. 

Stay tuned, more is coming up soon!

April  / May 2013

This month, Henning Gieseler started with his new lecture series on “freeze drying” at the University of Erlangen. The title of the lecture is LYOSCOPEDIA, a name which is composed of three English words (LYOphilization, SCOPe, EncyclopEDIA). The lecture is open for all interested students, not only for the ones in pharmacy! The lecture is offered biweekly during the semester. For more information, please follow this link: UnivIS (University of Erlangen).

In August 2013, the Freeze Drying Focus Group will participate in a world tour on freeze drying in China. The tour will be organized by SP Scientific (USA) and Tegent Scientific Inc. and covers three cities in one week: Guangzhou (August 19th), Shanghai (August 21st) and Beijing (August 23rd). Learn more and follow this LINK.

September 2011

Our road show in Europe was rescheduled this month. Due to fact that the time for planning this event in Europe was too short, we decided to change plans and “go west” again! Now, we will be covering three cities in the US in November, starting at Durham / NC (Nov 14), then San Diego / CA (Nov 17) and Irvine / CA (Nov 18) during our “Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals & Biologicals” seminar series. Just follow this link for the full agenda: http://www.spscientific.com/PDFs/Training/Road-Shows/Fall-US-Road-Show-Poster_Final.pdf   

We did not fully skip the idea of a European road show! Mark your calendars for May 2012: Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Basle! We even have a “surprise” for all participants, an unexpected “guest lecturer”. Wait and stay tuned – details will follow soon…

July 2011

This will be an exciting month for us: our new Lyostar III system from SP Scientific is scheduled for installation this month. Besides a new software platform, the system will also have the new Praxair ControLyo™ technology. A few pictures of the new system will be posted soon on our website!

Just briefly before the summer break in August, we started the planning procedure for a new road show – not India, not USA, this time in good old Europe!! For now we schedule this event for mid of November this year, covering three cities in one week throughout Europe. More details coming soon! 

June 2011

This month, our annual freeze drying seminar “Freeze Drying in Practice – ERLANGEN Seminar 2011” was again a great success. The seminar was conducted for the seventh time this year which underlines its profound character – academic style! Although the design of the seminar was changed a bit in 2011, and competitive seminars were given as well at about the same time, we still have had a surprisingly large number of participants! Even the multiple choice exam was great, although only 12 people attended. If you like to see some pictures of the 2011 speakers, just check out our “Pictures” page!

We are currently looking for new Freeze Drying Focus Group members! We have a vacant position for a postdoc (12 months) and an undergraduate pharmacy student (internship, 6 months). Details of the job description might be accessed here: www.phramtech.uni-erlangen.de.

Jacob Beirowski is about to finish his PhD thesis. Early this month, he finally took a position at Sanofi-Aventis in Frankfurt (Main) starting in August 2011. The group wishes him all the best for his future career! 

January 2011

The Freeze Drying Focus Group will be attending for the first time ARABLAB (http://www.arablab.com) in Dubai this year! During this international trade show, specialized seminars are offered for visitors dealing with specific research interests. Anas Al-Hussein and Dr. Gieseler will be presenting on ““Stabilization of the Model Protein LDH by FreezeDrying New Formulation and Process Aspects” during the BIOLab seminar section. The talk will be given on Tuesday, March 8 at 10:20 am.

This month, the first official announcement of the “Erlangen Freeze Drying in Practice” seminar 2011 will be released. The seminar will be held on Thursday, June 9 in the ARVENA hotel, Tennenlohe. Since 2004 it is now the seventh time that we conduct this seminar series. Don’t miss this great opportunity to network within the field of freeze-drying science and to get an update on the latest trends and developments within this field of interest. The seminar language is still German!

The set-up of the seminar in 2011 is a bit different than in the last years. First, we had to move the seminar into the meeting rooms of our partnering hotel due to a shortage of availability of classrooms in the University. Moreover, the seminar in 2011 is a “one day” seminar, presented in an “academic style”. Lastly, we offer this time - on a voluntary basis – a short “multiple choice test” at the end of the day for the attendees. This test will be graded and the results certified! 

For more information or to download the seminar agenda, please visit our “Erlangen Seminar” site on http://www.freeze-drying.eu. As many of you already know, we only accept a limited number of attendees and the seminar typically fills up very quickly. Safe your spot and register timely!

Henning Gieseler was invited to give a lecture during the AAPS National Biotech Conference in San Francisco (May 16 -18) this year. The lecture will be given during a short course “Freeze Drying of Biologics” and will be covering “PAT in Freeze drying”. See http://www.aaps.org/meetings/workshops/NBC/index.asp for more information!

December 2010

Just before Christmas, the University of Erlangen awarded Dr. Henning Gieseler the “venia legendi” (Habilitation) in Pharmaceutics. The title of his submitted thesis is “Quality by Design (QbD) in Freeze-Drying Using Advanced Process Analytical Technology (PAT)”. Note that a Priv.-Doz. (PD) in Germany would about equal to an Adj. Professor in the US. 

Our road show in India in November was (again) a splendid success. Three one-day seminars in three different major cities in India (see September 10 for details) covering all aspects of freeze-drying: this is Freeze Drying Focus Group style. You may have a look at some pictures in our “Picture” section.  

October 2010

BIOTECHNICA 2010 is coming up soon (October 5-7, Hannover, Germany) and the Freeze Drying Focus Group will be exhibiting. We are located in hall 9, booth F42. You might get more information about this trade show here:


If you want to contact us directly in a F2F meeting, just use the Biotechnica Partnering feature on their website!

Having trouble to follow presentations on freeze-drying in English? SP Scientific initiated a new webinar series in German. The first webinar will be given on “Grundlagen der Gefriertrocknung” by Dr. M. Gieseler. In early 2011, Dr. H. Gieseler will be presenting on MTM and SMART Freeze Dryer. The talk is entitled: „PAT in der Gefriertrocknung – Ein Überblick über MTM und das Konzept des SMART Freeze Dryer™“. A detailed schedule of these webinars is available here: http://www.spscientific.com/LyoTech-Center/LyoLearn-Webinars/Deutschsprachige-Pr¦sentationen.aspx. More webinars in German will certainly follow! 

September 2010

Dr. Stefan Schneid accepted a job offer from Syntacol this month, a great opportunity for him and a position with a fairly lot of potential and responsibility. We all wish him a great start!

After a very successful road show in the US early this year, the Freeze Drying Focus Group decided to do another show in November in India. This is the second time for us to perform in India. The seminar is scheduled for the week of November 15, 2010 covering Mumbai (Nov. 15), Hyderabad (Nov. 17) and Chennai (Nov. 19) in just a single week! An official seminar agenda will be available soon in our “Download” section.

July 2010

Susanne Rutzinger is getting married this month. Now we have to get used to her new last name: Hibler. Best wishes to her and her husband!

This month, Henning Gieseler will be giving a talk at the University of Erlangen, Division of Pharmaceutics which is entitled “Quality by Design (QbD) in Freeze-Drying Using Advanced Process Analytical Technology (PAT)". The talk is scheduled for July 15, the announcement can be obtained from the website of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy: http://www.chemie.uni-erlangen.de/veranstaltungen. The talk will be given in English and is part of his “Habilitation”.

April 2010

The US road show of the Freeze Drying Focus Group was a big success! We had more than 250 participants in three different cities and lots of good discussions and fun! The only downer after presenting in the last city (San Francisco) was the volcano eruption in Island. The group got stuck for another week in SF, but enjoyed the situation as good as possible. However, everyone was quite happy when we arrived safely back in Frankfurt. A few pictures and snap-shots are uploaded on our “Pictures” page. Enjoy!

February 2010

First official announcement 2010: the Freeze Drying Focus Group will “Go West”. The group officially releases the agenda for the “Freeze-Drying of Pharmaceuticals: Principles and Practice - Road Show USA 2010”. The seminar series is a joint effort between our group in Erlangen and SP Scientific, formally known as “SP Industries”. The road-show will be performed in the week of April 12, 2010. The following cities are covered: Princeton, NJ (April 12), Boston, MA (April 14), San Francisco, CA (April 16). The detailed agenda can be downloaded here (download agenda). Looking forward to seeing you!

January 2010

Don’t miss another opportunity to learn more about freeze-drying - for free! Jacob Beirowski is giving a webinar on January 21st. His talk is entitled: “The Freeze Drying of Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Critical Factors”. It is the 5th webinar given from our group in 2009/2010 and certainly underlines, among others, the quality and up-to-date character of our research. Learn more by following this link: http://www.spindustries.com/webinar/lyolearn_schedule.jsp.

December 2009

Good news for one of our group members, Stefan Schneid. He will be defending his thesis this month - there is no doubt that this will be a nice Christmas present for him!  

November 2009

Early this month the first official announcement of the “Erlangen Freeze Drying in Practice” seminar 2010 has been released. We started this seminar series in 2004, and 2010 is going to be our sixth seminar in Erlangen. Besides presentations given by our group, external speakers have been invited to lecture on design of freeze-drying equipment, primary packing material in lyophilization, use of risk assessment tables and contract manufacturing. Don’t miss this opportunity to network within the filed of freeze-drying science and to get an update on the latest trends and developments within this field of interest. For more information or to download the seminar agenda, please visit our “Erlangen Seminar” site on http://www.freeze-drying.eu. Note that the seminar is limited to 45 attendees, and typically fills up very quickly. Safe your spot and register timely!

Our group and co-workers submitted six abstracts to the upcoming 7th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology to be held in Valetta, Malta, March 8-11, 2010. You may follow the link to get more information on the congress: http://worldmeeting.org. The abstract title of our submissions are listed on our “Publications” site, the actual presentations will be available for download after the meeting on our website. 

September 2009

Do you want to learn more about innovative Process Analytical Tools (PAT) for freeze-drying process design and control? Haven’t heard about MTM, TDLAS, TEMPRIS, and other systems? Don’t hesitate and register for the next upcoming webinar from our group, given by Stefan Schneid within the SP Lyolearn Webinar Series. Just follow this link and register for one of the sessions during September 24th (http://www.spindustries.com/webinar/lyolearn_schedule.jsp).

Members of our group will be attending (actually for the first time) a PDA Europe conference to be held September 29-30 in Frankfurt, Germany. Stefan Schneid will be presenting on the latest achievements in the field of wireless temperature measurements using the second “generation” of TEMPRIS probes. His talk is entitled “Application of the Temperature Remote Interrogation System (TEMPRIS) in Lyophilization – Operation Principles and Practical Experience”. In addition, Jakob Beirowski will be presenting a poster “Investigation of various Poloxamers as freeze-drying stabilizers in freeze-drying of nanosuspensions”. Both presentations will provide a latest insight into the respective research. If you are not able to attend, we will make these presentations available for download on our “Download” section.

August 2009

Stefan Schneid just finished to write up his doctoral thesis. We expect to have the final version available on our website in October this year. He is expected to defend his thesis work in the same month. Further, we are happy that Stefan accepted a postdoc position in the Freeze Drying Focus Group starting this year.

May 2009

ACHEMA 2009, the International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology is coming up in May (11 - 15 May, 2009). Although the Freeze Drying Focus Group will not be exhibiting equipment this year, Jakob Beirowski is going to represent our group in Frankfurt at the IQ-Mobil GmbH booth (iQ-mobil solutions GmbH, hall 10.1, booth A42) on Wednesday (May 13) and Thursday (May 14). You may stop by and ask him some questions related to freeze-drying process control, temperature measurement in freeze-drying, or other topics you are interested in! The detailed program of the ACHEMA 2009 can be found here: http://www.achema.de/en/ACHEMA.html.    

April 2009

Henning Gieseler will be giving two webinars on April 29 at 13:00 and 20:00 which are both entitled “The Freezing Stage in Freeze Drying: Fundamental Concepts”. This webinar is a one out of a series of webinars organized by SP Industries in 2009 (SP Industries LyoLearn Webinar Series). Two other webinars will follow this year, one dealing with Freeze-Dry Microscopy (presented by Susanne Rutzinger) and one dealing with PAT in freeze-drying (presented by Stefan Schneid). You may visit the SP website (http://www.spindustries.com/webinar/lyolearn_schedule.jsp) to get more information about the webinar schedule, topics and speaker information. Note: you can also download the recorded session of each webinar!

Dr. Gieseler has been awarded this month with the “Galenus Support” grant 2009. The “Galenus” private trust (www.galenusprivatstiftung.at) supports travel activities or literature investments of young scientists working in academia. 

March 2009

A successful month for our group: the Erlangen Freeze Drying Seminar was (again) completely booked and we already have a waiting list for 2010! Thanks again to all presenters and the Freeze Drying Focus Group team for their encouragement and great presentations! You may check some pictures taken during the seminar on our “Pictures” site.

All three of our submitted abstracts for the upcoming National Biotechnology Conference in Seattle, Washington (USA) have been accepted. You may check the title of the individual abstracts on our “Publications” site. Note that all posters will be available for download after the meeting. In addition, the agenda of the NBC symposium “PAT and QbD in Freeze-drying: Where are We Now?” has been finalized. Henning Gieseler will be co-moderating the symposium and presenting a talk on the latest technological achievements in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for freeze-drying. 

Eva Meister successfully defended her PhD work this month. Congratulations, Dr. Meister! Feel free to download her PhD thesis from the “Download” site.

November 2008

Henning Gieseler has been invited to give a presentation on PAT in the symposium entitled “PAT & Qbd in Freeze-Drying: Where are we now?” The presentation will focus on the current trends in PAT for freeze drying and latest achievements. The symposium will be held during the NBC 2009 in Seattle, Washington (US), Tuesday June 23, 2009.

October 2008

Join or Webinar, entitled: “Reducing cycle optimization time and costs utilizing SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology”. The seminar is scheduled for October 30, 2008 and December 4, 2008 (30 min). More information can be downloaded here. Note that the registration is free of charge.

In October, the Erlangen Freeze Drying Seminar 2009 has been officially announced. The seminar will be held in March 2009 (March 19 and 20). The total number of participants is (again) limited to 45. The first version of the seminar agenda can be downloaded on our “Download” site.

Silja von Graberg is about to finish her thesis this month. She is the second student who graduates from the Freeze Drying Focus Group. We all wish her good luck for the future!

June 2008

A new PhD position has been granted! One of our industry partners is supporting us over the next 3 years to further investigate the transferability of collapse temperature data obtained by Freeze Dry Microscopy (FDM) to freeze-drying cycles which is an important subject for freeze-drying process optimization. Susanne Rutzinger, our new group member, just started on this position. You may check her personal profile on the “Staff” site.     

India - we are coming! A new challenge for some of the group members will be the upcoming seminar tour in India. A one-day seminar is planned at different locations (Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad) during a single week (August 18-22). The seminar agenda will be featuring basic topics like formulation, process design, scale-up, and analytics related to freeze-drying. We are all looking forward to this new experience!  

February 2008

Henning Gieseler was invited to give a presentation during the “Wuerzburger Tage”. The title of his talk: “Value of DSC Data in the Development of Formulations for Freeze-Drying”

January 2008

The new year just started and we have plenty of news:

In the last week of January, Eva Meister will be leaving for Pfizer (Groton, CT). She will be staying for about 6 weeks to perform research in Pfizers “Parenteral Center of Excellence” group which was started as a joint project.

Henning Gieseler was invited to give a presentation during the CPPR Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals, Breckenridge in August (see “Upcoming Events”). The CPPR meeting was originally intended to be scheduled on a 3 year basis: 1998 (Ascutney, VT), 2001 (Breckenridge, CO), 2004 (Breckenridge, CO). However, based on the success of the first CPPR meeting in Europe in 2006 (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany), this meeting will now be scheduled in a 2 year cycle in the US as well as Europe!   

By end of this month, the group will improve their thermal analysis capabilities with a new TA Q2000 MDSC.

October 2007

The first announcement for our annual freeze-drying is now online! The ERLANGEN Seminar 2008 has a lot to offer: formulation, analytics, PAT, scale-up, etc. If you are considering to attend, please note that the seminar language is German!

September 2007

Time for a break! Most of the group members will be on vacation or on a business trip during this month.

August 2007

Silja von Graberg was invited to give a talk on “basic principles of freeze-drying” during a two day seminar in Marburg (Germany), November 6-7. The seminar is organized by PCS GmbH. Henning Gieseler and Eva Meister were invited to present on “PAT in freeze-drying” and “freeze-dry microscopy: a research update” during the “Lyophilization of Pharmaceuticals Summit” in London (UK), December 2-5. This meeting is organized by Informa Lifescience Ltd.

July 2007

A good start for our research group this month: Dr. Gieseler received a 22.000 € funding from US industry for further improvement of pressure rise technology as a new PAT tool for freeze-drying.

Great news again: Johnson & Johnson, Beerse (Belgium) will be funding a new PhD position in our group. This research will be focussing on freeze-drying of nanomaterials. We will soon start to advertise the position in the appropriate Journals.

June 2007

Finally, we made it! After spending many extra hours during the weekend, our website www.freeze-drying.eu is finally online. Some sections on our website are still under construction, but "hopefully" we are able to get all information together until the summer. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Dr. Gieseler was invited to give a presentation during the 2007 NBC in San Diego, CA. Title of the talk: “Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in Drying Operations: Applications to Freeze Drying and Beyond”


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