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On this page, we will provide you with an (unbiased) calendar of upcoming   conferences, seminars, meetings, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, trade shows, etc. in 2014 which are somehow related to freeze-drying or related research. Note that this list is certainly not complete since we are not aware of the smaller, regional meetings in Europe or the US. However, feel free to send us an email by using the “Contact” link and we can put it on our list! Note that those events which have a more general character (e.g. exhibitions, etc.) are headlined in black, the more focused seminars or conferences are headlined in blue.

Check back frequently as this calendar is updated throughout the year…

January 2014

13.01 - 17.01 Cambridge Healthtech Instituteメs 13th Annual PEPTALK, Renaissance Hotel & Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, FL (USA)

February 2014

03.02 – 05.02 BTL Training Course, Tampa, FL (USA)

26.02 – 27.02 BTL Training Course, Winchester (UK)

March 2014

06.03 Erlangen Training Course モFreeze Dry Microscopyヤ, Erlangen (Germany)

24.03 – 26.03 BTL Training Course, Amsterdam (NL)

25.03 Freeze-Drying in Practice: The ERLANGEN Seminar 2014, Er-langen (Germany) <German Language> 

April 2014


May 2014

20.05 – 21.05 BTL Training Course, Winchester (UK)

June 2014


July 2014

01.07 – 02.07 BTL Training Course, Winchester (UK)

August 2014


September 2014

16.09 – 19.09 PDA Europe - Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology, Brussels (Belgium) 

23.09 – 26.09 CPPR Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals, Garmisch-Patenkirchen (Germany)

October 2014

27.10 – 30.10 Insights in Lyophilization: 2014 Science Tour

November 2014

27.11 Erlangen Training Course Freeze Dry Microscopy, Erlangen (Germany)

December 2014



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